A  Disrupted  Life 


Harold Beck

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No life is perfectly straightforward.  Health problems, family upsets, economic setbacks, accidents, war and natural disasters are among the many circumstances which complicate lives.

The disruption caused by a scheme to train a top-level leader was something entirely different.  The covert basis of the scheme, the use of AOB (Advanced Organisational Behaviour) techniques and the behaviour changes demanded by the trainers ignored the Human Rights of the trainee.

Harold Beck tells his story as the trainee in the scheme, presents notes on current Talent Management thinking and practices and describes the results of his researches into AOB techniques.  He then analyses the AOB events applied during his training and postulates from the point of view of the trainers a Total Talent or Succession Management scheme based on the one in which he was involved.  The Human Rights issues associated with career development in general are then explored.

So Who Are You, Harold Beck?




The Trainee's Story


Cambridge Town & Gown - Marconi

Wilderness - Polytechnic - 'Retirement'




Talent Management


Contemporary Notes (c2010)

Total Training (c1960)




Advanced Organisational Behaviour


Psychological Carrots & Sticks

Hints - Diversion - Agentii




Human Rights Issues


HR criteria & Case Studies

University, Industry, Establishment




Early Life & Education


Family Life & Education

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Regent Street Polytechnic School

Scout Relief in Wartime Europe




Engineers - Scientists - Managers

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