Comments on Wilderness Period : 1966B 


It was clear from very soon after I left M.I. that the legal agreement on which my departure was based was being grossly subverted.

Because of interference in my job seeking while at M.I., I had insisted on the inclusion of clause 5 in the resignation agreement:-

The Company will not do anything to prejudice the Employee's obtaining other employment.

Subtle ways were being used to interfere with my getting another job of my choice.  The spreading of a rumour that I hadn't really left M.I. was just one of covert methods which put potential employers off. Another was the involvement of CCL in one way or another with the organisations to which I was making job applications.  Some in the English Electric Group were acting as though I was still owned by the Group whereas I had come to an agreement that should have made me completely free.  Clause 4 stated:-

The Employee shall be at liberty on or after the 12th February 1966 to take up employment with any Company, firm or business . . . . .

The Company at Group level had insisted on the inclusion of Clause 3 in the resignation agreement:-

The Employee shall accept the said sum of 1512.10.-d. in full and final satisfaction and discharge of all claims damages and/or causes of action which he has against the Company . . . . .

There was no point in my considering taking legal action to enforce the agreement and obtain greater compensation because of its infringement I could not afford to do so and I did not then sufficiently understand what was taking placing place.  I could not explain the processes to others and crucially the training scheme was set up so that little or no convincing evidence was available.  It might just be possible nowadays, with the greater awareness of covert processes, psychological techniques, body language and the like, to convey what was taking place.  I think back then only a full judicial public enquiry would have stood a chance of exposing the scheme to public view.

An important question is "Who in the English Electric Group knew of the legal agreement?"

(Please note that the full text of the Agreement is set out in Marconi Instruments 1966A - Legalised Departure.)