Comments on Wilderness Period : 1968 


Royal Visits 2 & 3 are identified in the 1969 Diary but when was Royal Visit 1?


Royal Visit 1 was by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to the IEE on 21st March 1968, which meant that two Design meetings I was due to chair there that day had to be postponed.  I was informed of this on 7th March, which was the day when income from the bogus consultancy ceased.  On the same day, however, I received a really pressing invitation to a top-level lunch on 21st March at IOP, my other professional institution.

If these events were purely coincidental, it could be regarded as fortuitous that the IOP invitation provided something to look forward to, which offset the despondent mood of the day.  If however the events and timing were contrived this was very sophisticated signalling.  As well as offsetting a setback with a boost, it indicated a diversion and an Establishment interest.

I tended towards the contrived view.

The Design theme of the cancelled meetings considerably strengthens the contrived view - see references to The Duke of Edinburgh on pp09-11 of the 1964 Marconi Instruments document.