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 Talent Management 


Talent Management schemes come in a variety of types.  The simplest form is straightforward recruitment of individuals with talent in short supply e.g. possessing knowledge of new technology or experience in a specific market.  One sophisticated type of scheme in widespread use, particularly in large organisations such as Civil Services and conglomerates, is establishing a Talent Pool or Bench from which appointments can be made as opportune.  Another type is Succession Management which aims at securing and developing talent to carry out a specific function in organisations large or small.

The sophisticated features of the Succession Management scheme in which the trainee was involved need explanation.  The two papers below provide an overview of Talent Management and an outline of a Total Training form of Succession Management.









Notes on Talent Management


Contemporary Overview (c2010)

National Variations - Transparency?

















Total Training


Ultimate Scheme (c1960)

WW2 Spillover? - Covertness