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Six PEP-NIP Systems

Deflection PEPS are associated with a desired goal and NIPS are related to an activity or target from which the employee is to be discouraged. The employee is steered away from the undesired to the desired goal. This system can be particularly effective if the PEPS and NIPS are delivered simultaneously. {short description of image}
Conversion A massive NIP is delivered, which greatly increases the employee's suggestibility to a subsequent modest PEP. Said to be the basis of some religious conversions.

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Alternating PEPS and NIPS are presented alternately. Has the effect of softening up or ‘unfreezing'; cf hot/cold techniques. {short description of image}
Sequential Unipolar A series of either PEPS or NIPS are presented over a period of time to induce the desired emotional state e.g. PEPS to produce confidence to euphoria, NIPS to produce disquiet to depression. {short description of image}
Reverse Impulse The sudden reversal from a long period of sequential unipolar stimuli to one or more of the opposite sign is a powerful means of inducing compliance. {short description of image}
Direct/Indirect  Stimuli of one sign delivered openly (e.g. in writing) may be coupled with stimuli of opposite sign given indirectly (e.g. by non-verbal means). For defensive or control purposes. {short description of image}




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