There were several key events along the road to recognition that there might be a Total Training Scheme in operation.  My experiences, set out in the ADL sections led me to conclude that I had been the 'target' of a total approach to training. I gave much thought to what such a scheme would look like to those operating it, including the methods likely to be used and what the attitudes of the trainers would be.  These I incorporated in a prospectus or synopsis which, although a number of Party Political considerations had arisen over the years and there had been some Establishment developments, was based on an Industry scheme.

Shortly after producing the first version, I happened to read J.B. Priestley's "Saturn Over The Water" and was intrigued by the similarities of my own experiences and those described by characters in the book.  This prompted me to write to J.B. Priestley, enclosing a copy of the synopsis.

J.B. Priestley replied by return of post.  A principal reason why I could not follow up his response is that I did not know enough about Establishment processes to be able to respond to his questions.

I sent the next version of the synopsis, entitled “A Training System for Key Men”, to my M.P., James Allason, on 6th March 1970. This was days before I received an invitation to travel to Moscow as a Visiting Professor.

The final version of the synopsis was entitled “A Total Training System”. This was seen by Lord (RAB) Butler in October 1970 and was also included in my 1971 Report to the Home Secretary, Rt. Hon. Reginald Maudling.

In 1985, with thought-provoking episodes still occurring and with more time available I turned my attention again to implementing the injunction of the "Speak Up, Harold Beck!" play at Coventry.  I produced a more detailed and descriptive version, which was in two parts, the first describing the scheme in successful operation:-

The second part described possible measures which could be taken if the scheme misfired:-

The two parts were circulated to a few individuals as well as, anonymously, to the then broadsheet national newspapers.



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