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Notes on Meeting No.6 of Safeguard Group


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 Notes on Meeting No.6, 18th February 1969


Present:  Harold Beck, Ann Cammack, Kennith David, Peter Graham.


Clinical Theology Groups

Different from Christian Actualisation Groups.  Minister only or observer plus minister rather than therapist plus minister.

C.T. groups of two general kinds:-

Professional: run from Nottingham, dioscesan basis, began 12 years ago, 80 or so held.

Amateur: run by minister, parish basis, began 4 years ago, St. Nicholas, Harpenden has three out of five such C.T. groups in the U.K.

Amateur C.T.Group.

Preparatory talk by minister on tension and stress to be experienced (tape recording of talk available).  Tension not experienced to the point of being destructive.  More stress in natural life.  C.T. group is artificial environment?  No, just bringing a group of people together.  Yes, the group is not natural.  Crises are not created artificially.  Without stress the sessions are dull.  Sensitivity learnt.  Stress from comittment anxiety (to God and Man).

Parish group has great advantage that if members are overstressed they will come and talk to minister about it.  But they may not get opportunity for several days.  Not so easy to walk out of parish group.  Some may be too proud to say they are being overstressed.  Selection may be easier on parish basis.  Best results obtained when group previously formed for another purpose converted to C.T.Group.


1.       Is stress and pain necessary for change?

2.       "Let's have more T-Groups and C.T.'s for more productive P.C.C.'s"

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