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Notes on Meeting No.8 of Safeguard Group


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Notes on Meeting No.8., Wednesday 25th November, 1969.


Present:-  Harold Beck, Ann Cammack, Murdoch Dahl, Bob Dray, Roy Evans, Keith Yates.

Blake Grid  X & Y axes are "concern for people" and "concern for production".  Used to classify people and as a yard-stick for determining progress on course of T-Group nature, involving exposure of self.

Evolution of T-Group.  A product of modern Western man?  Inconceivable in other ages e.g. Victorian.  Has the T-Group evolved as a result of economic pressures i.e. from thinking along the lines "we can solve technological problems and now the main obstacle to economic progress is people; therefore we must alter people"?  Probably not.  If, in Industry this is the motive, the dangers of misuse of T-Group methods are considerable.  Some industrialists are taking into account quality of life and not just economic factors and would use T-Groups to improve human relationships as a desirable goal in itself.  In the Church the motive is that of serving people therefore less danger of misuse.

The T-Group is artificial in that in society at large there are age-old supportive organisations etc. The evolution of a class of integrated people is rather frightening.

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