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Notes on Meeting No.9 of Safeguard Group


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 Notes on Meeting No.9, Thursday 11th December, 1969.


Present:- Harold Beck, Brian Mellors, Ian Morton, Keith Yates.

Casualty.  Study of a particular T-Group experience which resulted in a casualty showed that the trainer was inexperienced and that the attitude of another member of the staff was self-protective, rather than directed towards the welfare of the casualty.  Breakdown of the trainee might not have occurred if he had been given advanced warning of the nature of the course he had been requested to attend.

Brainwashing.  The June 1969 NTL Institute News and Reports, Item 10, describes sensitivity training as the exact opposite of brainwashing.  It was agreed to ask NTL's views on the brainwashing implications of

          (a)     refreezing in management development;

          (b)     the creation of conditions in T-Groups conducive to subversive indoctrination, and

          (c)    the inevitable communication of an ethos or model man on which group behaviour theory is based.



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