Christian Stewardship

In November 1970, the Chairman of the Finance Committee of a Parish in the Diocese of St. Albans reported that that the estimates for the coming year showed disturbing features.  He warned that the P.C.C. would have to consider urgently whether:-

  • some item in parish expenditure will have to be cut

  • the proportion of income given outside the parish should be decreased

  • other measures can be taken.

The outcome of this warning was that in November 1972 a two-week Stewardship Conference was held in which many members of the Parish and of the Diocese gave their time and talents to make it a success.

No doubt the same situation has arisen over the decades in numerous Parishes up and down the country and is again, at the present time, causing much concern.

Some of the features of the 1972 Stewardship Conference together with the written material may be of help to Parishes generally.  Some information about the Conference is already available on this website as part of a more general autobiographical narrative but it is now intended to publish Conference papers in this Section for use on a pick and mix basis.

The first such 'offerings' are a series of Stewardship Notes I wrote to myself from May 1971 on, shortly after I was asked to organise the 1972 Conference, together with two Parish Notices:-

Stewardship Notes & Notices

In addition there is a Stewardship Manual, a series of five papers written by members of the Parish together with a paper derived from the Diocese, which was issued shortly before the Conference:-

Stewardship Manual

It is intended to provide more information about the Conference as soon as possible.