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 70th Anniversary of the Evacuation 



A splendid Reunion Dinner and exhibition of memorabilia took place in the Fyvie Hall at 309 Regent Street (now the University of Westminster H.Q.) on Tuesday 1st September 2009, to mark the exact 70th Anniversary of the Evacuation of the School.

Over 30 octogenarian evacuees who were pupils at the School while it was evacuated to Minehead, as well as family members, attended.  Ralph Worsnop, son of Headmaster Dr. B.L. Worsnop, was among those who travelled from the U.S.A and Canada for the occasion.

The Guest of Honour was Professor Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Westminster.  The University Archivist, Elaine Penn, was also present.

2012 Olympic Note - One the evacuees who attended the Dinner was Lionel Price.  He is the sole surviving member of the British Basketball team at the 1948 Olympics.  With playing fields miles away from Regent Street and a good gymnasium on site, Basketball was a popular Sport at the School.  Lionel Price, complete with gas mask case and label, is pictured at the front rhs of Photo UW28.


The Grace

Photos taken at the Dinner

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Identifying people in the photos



The Toast




The Poly boys (led by Phil Haig) who planned the Dinner

From left to right

Ian Reid - Harold Beck - Stuart Catchpole - Cliff Davis - Phil Haig

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