Regent Street Polytechnic School 

309 Regent Street

Congratulations to Ernest Hecht (Form 5A in Summer 1943), founder and managing director of Souvenir Press, on being awarded an O.B.E. for services to publishing and charity in the Queen's birthday honours list 2015.

The Somerset town which hosted the School

2009 Dinner at 309 Regent Street

In Fyvie Hall exactly 70 years after Evacuation


The Evacuation

What the Poly boys wrote at the time

Evacuee brings TV to Minehead

1949 Demonstration at County School

The Quintinian, 1939-45

The School during & just after World War 2

Old Quintinians Lodge No.3307

Speech at Centenary, October 2008

Pre-war preparations & wartime actions

Memories of Dr. B.L Worsnop by his son, Ralph

Exams - Music - Asthma - Freemasonry

Poly School material from ADL/AOB website

Scout Camp,1941

Equipment & Rations in wartime camp

Quintin School History, 1957

By a pupil who became a teacher at the School

The Square, December 2003, pp30-32

University of Westminster Archives

Access to records of the School, Polytechnic and successor institutions

Quintin Kynaston School

Access to the website of the successor School



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